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User Rating: 4 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege XONE
First off the only people that gives this game 10 9 8 7 6 or 5 star works for the company or kids. Out of a 1 year and half playing not 1 and I mean not thing has change since this game came out. The ranking system is worst than all these cops killing black people. People quit all the time and they still deranked you. Plus how the **** can u kill someone from the outside shooting at the water fountain on consulate map. I thought ranked suppose to be equal players that are 100 playing with people that are ranked 20 ranked is stupid. If u read this DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. WAIT ANOTHER YEAR. now I feel bad for giving it 4 stars. I'm changing it to 3 stars only cause the servers work 2 maybe e days out the week. Y'all really let the gamers down on this one.??????? it's sad when companies make so much money they forget about the people that got them there.