Rainbow 6: Siege more like Rainbow 6: Meh.

User Rating: 6 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege XONE

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege, is an online, first-person, tactical shooter. It heavily involves team communication and coordination. One team bunkers down and reinforces their ‘hideout’ the other initiates their siege of the facility. Through the use of combat tools, surveillance gadgets and destructible structures, teams will strive to gain an upper hand on their online or NPC opponents. The player plays using characters called operators. The player has to unlock operators from two lists, defense and offense. Unlocking operators uses an in game currency.

My initial thoughts on this were pretty simple. Decent but not great graphics, man the server is laggy as ****. Him no real single player eh? Well at least the controls are as they should be. Hmm I seriously regret buying the season pass. I clearly suck with money.

So as I mentioned earlier the graphics are nothing to write home about. They don’t suck but they definitely don’t push the boundary of what to expect with current gen machines.

The sound was good enough, no complaints. I had enough options to keep me happy. It’s easy enough to understand my teammates.

The mechanics in this game are rather standard FPS. Everything was smooth and it felt polished, as a major title should. The most notable mechanic is sieging. Breaching takes a bit to get used to. Not all walls are equally breachable. By normal means, several walls when breached still have the 2x4’s in place. This means we can see an enemy and fire but cannot walk through the breach. Some operators have special breaching that can get through almost anything, including those pesky 2x4’s. To counter that, some operators can reinforce walls so they can’t be breached by normal means.

The AI is nothing to write home about. They’re on par for what I’d expect for the final games for the last gen consoles. For current gen though, I’m mildly disappointed. They did zero innovating.

There are three game modes. ‘Situations’ is the closest we get to a single player campaign. It involves missions that introduce 10 operators. The missions get harder as they progress too. Next is ‘Multiplayer’ which pits two teams of 4 against each other. One is defending one is attacking. Last we have ‘Terrorist Hunt’ which is similar to Situations. You can lone wolf or go in as a team against the AI in various objectives such as hostage rescue or target elimination.

Each operator has equipment that can and should be upgraded with items such as sights and silencers. Unfortunately even if two operators use the same weapon, upgrades on operator 1 won’t carry over to operator 2. Hello time and money sink. Each weapon has its time and place but from experience rapid fire weapons like SMGs do the best, especially in pvp. This is the first time in a FPS where I’d say shot guns might actually be under powered. More times than naught their lack of range makes them useless. This is a bit of a relief. I’ve grown tired of OP shot guns. One other weapon that grew in popularity in shooters, that at least for now you won’t find, are bows and crossbows.

Not all Operators are equal in their usefulness. Before unlocking one I highly suggest looking up the reviews of what they can do and people’s opinions. Be mindful you’ll want at least two offensive and two defensive operators unlocked. Only one operator may be chosen per team. You don’t want to get stuck with the generic rookie operator.

Against the NPCs you’ll run across explosives called nitro. Be warned, they are sneaky little ninjas that come out of hiding to blow you up. I’ve seen multiple times the scenario where the point man walks past the nitro safely and the person behind him suddenly blows up. I’m pretty sure these terrorists have tapped into quantum physics and these bombs fade in and out of space and time.

Finally, this is a very difficult game. Team work is almost always required. The trailers were not kidding when they showed the amount of communication and teamwork needed. I often see teams that don’t communicate get wiped like they’re high freshmen.

In conclusion, if you are a casual gamer and don’t want to get serious, this probably isn’t the game for you. If you want a challenge or to take your situational awareness and FPS skills to the next level then I’d highly recommend this game. Mechanics, sound, and graphics I have no complaints. The server takes far too long to load. Popular operators get chosen quickly in matches so always have alternatives in mind. I do enjoy the game but I don’t think this game will hold people’s interests long so if you’re going to play it do it sooner rather than later.

Buy a used copy. This isn’t a game you’ll plan to own for years to come.