Long time fans of R6 should enjoy it.

User Rating: 8 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege XONE

"Rainbow Six: Siege" may not be the best entry in the long running series, but it's a nice change of pace from the twitch shooters that dominate the market. The subtitle "Siege" is revealing since this game is all about raiding a building in order to save a hostage, disarm a bomb or neutralize threats. The PVP modes consist of five rounds each with teams alternating between defending and attacking a bomb or hostage. Before each round, the defenders barricade the windows, walls, floors and ceilings, while the attackers recon the area with mini-drones. The team who wins three out of five are the victors. There are no respawns, so rounds are brief and the combat is normally in close-quarters.

However, if you do wish to practice before taking on real life opponents, you can play Terrorist Hunt which can be played solo or cooperatively with three others. In it, you must take down a number of A.I. controlled soldiers or save a hostage or disarm a bomb. Of course with "Siege" being a Tom Clancy game, there are plenty of tactics and cool gadgets that can be used. The game features five reality-based counter terrorist units; each having four "operators" (special classes) which must be unlocked with points you earn as you level up. In "Situations", a single player tutorial mode, you can "preview" the operator's special abilities while taking on the enemy A.I. Additionally, every firearm can be customized, but not extensively like in "Call of Duty".

Overall, "Rainbow Six: Siege" is an intense tactical shooter, but like "Star Wars: Battlefront", it does not include a campaign and is pretty light on content. With only three competitive modes, 11 maps and only Terrorist Hunt as the sole co-op mode, it can get repetitive. Thankfully, Ubi Soft constantly updates it with free maps. The XBOX ONE version also includes the two "Rainbow Six: Vegas" games as a free bonus exclusive. And while "Siege" doesn't offer as many options as previous R6 titles, it's still very good. The destructible barricades, walls, floors and ceilings can turn the tide of many battles and help distinguish "Siege" from its predecessors. This is a strategy-based action game that many long time fans of the series should enjoy. I'd rate "Siege" with an 8 out of 10.