User Rating: 8 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege PC

Getting tactical to the extreme! From team composition to gun mastery, Siege offers FPS lovers a tense but satisfying game. Strategy and gun accuracy can make or break teams but these tense situations is the reason people come back for more.

Throughout the years, Ubisoft dished out excellent shooters from Rogue Spear to the Vegas series. This latest installment to the Tom Clancy series, Rainbow Six Siege, lives up to its name. Solid FPS mechanics and strategies that change every time. Unlike other FPS games like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor, Siege's single-player portion is quite small, consisting of tutorials and a final story mission. The final and only story mission is the continuation of the introduction video when you first start of the game, about the activation of Team Rainbow and the reason behind it. It is currently not known if Ubisoft wishes to continue the story in the future DLC, but as it is now we only know why Team Rainbow exist. The ominous villain and their endgame remain in the dark. If you wish to tackle more enemy NPC, you can do so with its terrorist hunt mode. You can go alone or team up for a co-op experience. Modes include hostage, bomb and hunt. Completion of each match rewards you with renown, in game currency, to be used to purchase operators or weapon skins.

Similar to most MMORPG, Siege's class system is in the form of operators. Unique soldiers from various counter terrorism units throughout the world, from the SWAT to GIGN. Each operator comes with a unique skill and their choices for weapons. The core of what Siege is about is its attack and defend gameplay and each CTU offers an equal amount of both attackers and defenders. Should you not have an operator, you can be a recruit, which offers a main gun, pistol and a utility item. The multiplayer portion lets you team up with friends or find random people to play with, or even both. The modes are similar to the singleplayer portion with bomb, hostage and secure. Each game mode is simple but offers a different way of winning. Though you can win by eliminating the entire enemy team, it is more satisfying completing the objective. Its is especially satisfying during a game of hostage, where I sneak the hostage outside for the win. There are some downers in the multiplayer with its hit boxes. Headshots sometimes doesn't register, at times it will show blood but no damage. Operators with the large headphones are at a higher risk of headshots as well. Siege doesn’t contain many maps, which is a bummer since players can play the same map more frequently and not enter another map at all. Hopefully in the future Ubisoft implements more maps or even make the map contain random hazards that changes up the strategy.

Ubisoft made and excellent tactical shooter but in order for the game to live long, it needs to somehow evolve or show its players that it can change things up, adapt to the current play. Lets hope they also continue the campaign with co-op, similar to Titanfall.