Outstanding - Realistic - Better Than Ever! A Must Buy!

User Rating: 10 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege XONE

I spent more hours playing Rainbow Six Vegas 1 than any other game i've ever owned, I was not a fan of Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Something was missing from that game. So when I heard they were finally working on a new Rainbow Six i couldn't wait - but was afraid it would be a let down.

Let me tell you, this game is fantastic fun! Of course the graphics and sounds have all been upgraded since the original series - but the gameplay itself is so much fun! Great weapons, intelligent AI when battling terrorists - unique and fun maps. Absolutely thrilled with this game. I'm back to getting no sleep, as i can't seem to turn it off and play all night. Terrorist hunt is amazing fun! This is a must buy if you are a Rainbow Six Fan!