My detailed review of Rainbow Six Siege

User Rating: 8 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege PC

Good day peeps,

Heres my review of about 15 hours of gameplay since its release.

First impressions:

1. Graphics:

Not impressed on the graphical front. One of the main reasons I got this game was the trailer, it came out very refined and seemed to be in full-hd awesomeness, yet once I started the "campaign" mode, I was disappointed with it graphically, on that note, I would give it 7/10

2. Characters:

Having played online, unlocking various characters, I have about 10 unlocked, I would say I always use the same 4 every time, most others I unlocked is simply so I am not pushed to being a "recruit", and I would say that the 4 I do use have either great defensive capabilities (given the opposing team uses same tactics most of the time, so I keep using the same defensive strategies that work well on most occasions). I have not yet used other characters enough to appreciate their capabilities yet the ones I do use are getting the job done. 7/10 (due to my own limitations in using other characters)

3. Gameplay:

From a multiplayer point of view, this game in essence NEEDS THE MICROPHONE to be used to talk with teammates, and when I play with random players, more often than not, everyone goes solo, and/or, never used the mic to talk. One guy bursts a wall open when a teammate is just there, ending up killing or seriously damaging health. Its very difficult to be a team when most are used to doing their solo-ish style of play like COD or Battlefield genre games. It needs a while for players to get used to the idea that teamwork is the way forth. More on it, having playing 15 hours and met some awesome players, grouped up and teamwork began, the game became much more enjoyable and satisfying! On that note, its a 8+ rating minimum.

4. Suggestions forward:

a) enable players to upgrade current characters from the main menu, enhancing an ability, or being able to wear more bullet-proof gear, less damage, more offense, etc, you get the gist. Granted that could totally ruin the game and prevent players from accessing other characters, and what not, but food for thought.

b) provide an overview, sky-cam map on one of the corners of the screen to get a gist of the layout of the location, which is enabled for a short-period of time which could be accessible only for offense during the 30-second timer of locating hostages, etc. With an option to play an "x" on map for players to see.

c) having the option of voting who is "team-leader" for the round, with that leader having an ability other team members do not have, especially useful for those who do not have mics, might include a simple "orders menu" to select, breach this, cover that, hold, cover me, etc.

d) game has various glitches and errors which I expect to be resolved in a soon-to-come update. Matching is hell at times, loading screens are an issue, and if you enter a game late, you are sitting on a blank screen waiting for the next thing to happen, maybe give those players something to do (recon, or just a screen of the players involved in match, MAINLY because most who are on the "wait" screen, end up loosing patience and leaving the game. We all have short-fuses when it comes to waiting for the game to begin.

I have much more to say, will share in a few days time on updates. Till them, try and use the mic, find a team to group with, and your gameplay will surely be enhanced! Guaranteed!

Overall game score is 8/10 so far, expecting an increase!

Thanks and hope you enjoying my mini-review/suggestions