No More Renown in Solo PvE Modes? What??!!!

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This is a comment that started as a post in reply to a video by IceyCat on YouTube. It has since been posted on the Ubisoft forums in one form or another as well. It has to do with a stupid and very frustrating solution that appears Ubisoft will implement soon regarding renown hacking. Instead of warning/banning those who exploit the game or coming up with a "proper" design fix, they will eliminate gaining ANY renown in PvE modes (Lone Wolf Terrorist Hunt and Situations that are replayed). I am outraged with the proposed solution. Here is my comment.


Yes, a very FRUSTRATING solution. Yes, there are people who only like Terrorist Hunt. I am a long-time Rainbow 6 gamer. I loved playing Terrorist Hunt in Vegas 2 and got to rank Elite 15. In Siege I only play Solo PvE (especially Lone Wolf Terrorist Hunt) 90% of the time and Co-op Terrorist Hunt with friends I know 10% of the time. I don't like and never play online multiplayer PvP. I am also not a fan of playing with strangers (which often don't have mics or can start team killing). I never have and never will use the hack these 3,000 others have used. So, this change you describe could render this game null and void for me and my friends. Siege has been my favorite go-to FPS on the Xbox One, but if they implement this as you describe I may have to throw it in the garbage. A stupid solution to a design issue exploited by abusers. This game was released broken. I put up with all the nonsense because the game-play was top-notch. It appears that either the dev team is quite small or not willing to invest the time required to properly address design issues properly. As you say... very FRUSTRATING.

It is extremely disappointing that implementing Alpha Packs (which creates a new way of generating revenue for Ubisoft) is a higher priority than protecting the existing game-play mechanics that people have gotten used to and many depend upon. If it were not for Alpha Packs this would not be an issue. So, what the dev team is proposing is not merely a bug fix, it is eliminating an existing game-play feature. Developers usually add game-play features. Rarely do they eliminate them. I understand Ubisoft has to make money on the products they make, but sacrificing a game-play feature to do so nearly 2 years after the game was released does not bode well. Ubisoft could disenfranchise a whole group of their users as a result. A stupid move.

I know Ubisoft can come up with a proper solution. I have worked with a software development company before. It comes down to what you think is important and what resources you are willing to invest to come up with a solution. Ubisoft, please stop making band-aid solutions. If you want to make money off of Alpha Packs, then invest the money and resources to protect a foundational game-play feature for many. Do the right thing and implement a proper fix that does not penalize players who only play these modes (legitimately I may add), or forget adding Alpha Packs altogether and leave the game as it is.

Here is IceyCat's Video:

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