GREAT add-on to the first tatctical shooter

User Rating: 8.6 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear PC
As you know, this is an add on to the original hit game Rainbow Six. I must go back and reload this game to see what you get with it, because I am sure that Gamespot is confused, and that in total you end up with 15 mission maps.

For this review I can only assume you are farmiliar with these Rainbox Six games, and what it involves, ie:- Plan your mission on a map, moves for every man; equip your men with correct guns/equipment such as lockpicks; take on the enemy face to face or sit back and press the auto button to see what happens.

This does add on nicely to the first game and lets you play those old missions through the main screen without exiting.

Rogue Spear solves many of the original games problems; but problems in a new game like this were only to be expected, as were the many patches for this game too - typical for glitchy PC games. So I wont dwell on the glitches too much, you must just take home the idea that it does have them, but they do not distract from the main playing of this game which is the important thing.

Rogue Spear added plenty to the series. Not just new cool weapons, and funny new faces in your squad, but now there are additional maps. These are very cool, from my favorite Snow locations, to the gritty bombed streets of wherever. The rain adds to the effect, making visibility slightly restricted.

The game is awesome if you can forget the glitches and realy shoddy robotic movements of your men. You must also put aside the stupidity of the men - lets assume there is nearly no AI for YOUR men, as you can often sit back, give an order for them to "frag" (grenade) a room, and the stupid little blokes bounce the grenade off the wall back to thier feet and wait to be blown to kingdom come.

Let me set the scene. You spent a few minutes planning your movements then you're loaded into the game map. Its raining as you and your men huddle in the corner of this bombed out city. Its grey and dull and all you can hear is the rain, but somewhere around here are the enemy, armed. Its your mission to save a couple hostages, but before getting there you've got to take out that sniper at the top of that tower. I always do my own dirty work, so 'covertly' creep round the back, up the steps, taking out a couple guards, and shoot the sniper in the back... and so on.

As said your men are stupid - this is the Biggest Let Down of the game. I end up doing all the work my self, clear the rooms then have my men follow me in - they're just there for cover. On some of the bigger firing missions where you are plopped in the open infront of th enemy, you tell your guys to get in that door and hide in this room - however often is the case they get all 'blocked up' and cannot get through the door = glitch.

As Gamespot mention, its the added features, or extra game modes that I liked. These are needed because story mode is over too quickly. So in addition to training you can also just pit your self against the enemy with varying tasks in any of the maps - kept me going for days on end. For example, my fave' was Man Hunt, simply to flush out and destroy the enemy, so you might be needing a heartbeat sensor.

The enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence) is nothing special. Go beyond a point and it will trigger movement sometimes, but most often they wait until you open a door. They all seem to be a dead-eye shot.

There are scope/zoom options on the bigger guns, letting you snipe them from great distance. For added accuracy try using the sniper rifles. However there is little need for a sniper gun as the levels are not big enough.

Graphics are just fine. Not too sure how they are done. The backdrops are nothing special, but the fuzzyness is realistic and helps the maps feel bigger and real. Your men and the settings are all made of small blocks, there are no rounded edges here - ie poor. There are nice touches, such as your mens backpack moves as they breath. Your men will limp and move slowly when shot.

As said, snow levels are great. You can choose white camoflage cloths too.

GAMEPLAY - is smooth on a correctly spec'd computer. However many glitches hinder your movements.

SOUND - voices are fine, nothing too dramatic like some games. Bullets pinging about is cool. Rain etc very cool.

VALUE - buy it cheap to ADD to your collection, its well worth it !!! It doesnt just add levels, but also playing modes, guns, men/women.

Just dont waste your money on Urban Ops unless you badly want additional levels.

The game is all tactical movement based. There is no real outdoor action until you get inside. So there is no running around like a headless chicken either, as you might do in a normal 1st-person shooter like Timesplitters.

[Mums - dont buy this if you are anti-war.]