Not Played This For 5 Years. Quite Amazing.

User Rating: 8.5 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear PC
Review For Rainbow Rogue Spear

Good 3 Points

1. Great Gameplay
2. Good Graphics
3. Nice Weapons

Bad 3 Points

1.Won't Work On Modern Computers
2. Can Get Boring
3. Not Played For 5 Years


Its A Great Game. For An ME. XP,Vista. It Just Screws Up The Computer. Its Such A Shame. I Want To Play Again. I Was Highly Addicted. Its Got Some Gripping Action But Can Get Very Boring. The Original Was Great. Tom Clancy Has Been Brilliant.

Why 8.5?

Due To Not Working On Modern Computers It Will Be Given An 8.5, Its A Good Game, I Am Sad I Can't Play It Again. I bought All Of The Expansions For This Game. Paying About $60 In Total For All. And By God It Was Worth It. Don't Buy For XP Or Vista. (Blue Screen Of Death)

Game Stats

Gameplay 8/10 Fun, Get's Boring.
Graphics 7/10 Old School
Sound 5/10 Horrible
Overall 8.5/10