Possibly the best in series; definitely better than rainbow six 3

User Rating: 9.3 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown XBOX
First off, I really liked rainbow six 3:Black Arrow. I played it a lot, it was an awesome game. I highly recommend it. But there were several things I just couldn't stomach about RS3:BA. Mostly, I hate the aiming system. IMO, it's just not reliable enough. You aim at the enemy and shoot, sometimes you hit, and sometimes you miss. It's not up to the player whether or not your bullets hit. In lockdown, the aiming system is SIMILAR, but the difference is that you have iron sights. This makes it possible to guarantee that you're hitting what you shoot at. I LOVE THIS CHANGE! To address the people who accuse lockdown of being unrealistically arcadelike, YOU'RE WRONG, mostly. Yes, it takes a few shots to down opponents, but headshots still are a one hit kill. You simply have to actually aim at the head, something you didn't need to do in rainbow six 3. Simply put, it takes more skill to be good at lockdown. Controls are basically the same. A few buttons have different functions, and looking around is smoother, but no big surprises. Easy as pie to get used to. Graphics are gorgeous. The lighting has improved by leaps and bounds. The graphics aren't the best for the system; see splinter cell: chaos theory among others for perfection in graphics. The graphics are a step up from RS3. The campaign seems to be easier, but I'm only playing it on normal. It's fun; there's a lot more variety from RS3. I've only played one sniper mission, and it was just ok. Honestly, there's only so much you can do with sniping. Shoot the bad guys from far away to protect your squad on the ground. I don't like the squad controls as well, but this is really only a first impression. They seem to be a lot deeper, giving you a lot more options, and I'm sure that once I get a hang of them I'll love them to pieces. Online is, as suspected, the best aspect. If you've read about P.E.C., it's there and it works. Not as much variety as I'd hoped, but it's more than sufficient. It is fun leveling up and upgrading the damage and accuracy of your gun. I'm a medic, because I like the submachine guns, which, bytheway, are pretty awesome in this game. A new feature is being able to switch between single shot, burst, and fully auto modes. I like being able to heal myself and my teammates. If you're not into P.E.C. mode, don't worry. You don't have to get involved with it. You can play normal games just like in RS3. All things considered, UBISOFT did a dang good job of this game. In my opinion, they really got it right. I like everything they changed, and everything they left the same. The new maps are cool; big, but cool. There's no famas, but theres a whole sleu of new guns to have fun with. Fans of FPS in general, Halo 1&2, counter strike, Rainbow six series, WW2 genre fans, half-life, you'll all like it. If you're not sure, rent it first. That's always a good option. THat way those of us who like lockdown don't have to hear you whine about wasting $50 bucks. I know I didn't waste mine.