this is one of the best shooters on's a little on the hard side but i've played get this game quick

User Rating: 9.3 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 XBOX
this is the first rainbow six game i've ever played.the controls are just like any other first person shooter on the xbox.the guns in this game are realistic looking and the ablity to give orders to your team is hot.some levels in this game are frustration inducing because you have to do it over and over because your team does'nt shoot when there supposed to.the spanish that the enemies speak is great.unlike chaos theory,they don't speak in a accent or sound like cheech marin.overall this game is addicting like hell,feels like as if im part of a elite team of commandos who save hostages and stop the terrorist from killing us,in short,you got a xbox and like fps.find this game and buy it