Who else misses all these features from earlier R6

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- Detailed voiceovers before the mission from 3 key personnel and text accompanying it, including Newswire and Mission Orders

- Great amount of planning before mission (you can set go codes like when to frag, storm room etc.)

- detailed team selection screen with agent info including health and detailed weapon info

- Ability to begin mission in Observer mode

- In observer mode, ability to zoom around on the map and survey the situation

- detailed mission report at the end of the mission, including cut-scenes at times

- ability to save mission replays and view them from multiple viewpoints (first person, third person, fixed cam, rotating cam, follow cam, anywhere manual cam etc.)

- All the various modes - Practice mission, Lone Wolf, Hostage Rescue, Terrorist Hunt

- 3 difficulty levels of Rookie, Veteran and Elite and where it made good difference in terrorist response time


I feel games back then were made very well with a lot of content. I thought as tech improved, graphics would make it look ridiculous, but little did I know that features would disappear for these graphics (Not saying Rainbow 6 did it, but in general it feels that way. Call of Duty for one to Diablo 3 for another)

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I miss the old R6. I want none of this reptitive fps or third person shooter gameplay. I miss all of the old features and the international team. Everything that made R6 unique. Squad command game, not just a fps.

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If patriots isn't similar to the original R6 especially Raven Shield, I'm not interested and won't purchase. I'm with you dude, all those features need to be in it, or they better have something damn good and way better, which I can't see happening.
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I agree but you missed 2 things that I would add:
1) I miss having EVERY terrorist loaded from the start of the level (I hate how guys spawn in areas that you already cleared in the Vegas games)
2) Full-time FPS/ no cover system

I think Raven Shield is the best Rainbow Six game of all time. If they took that same game, updated the graphics, added the gear customization features of the newer games, and then re-sold it, I would buy it. An AI upgrade is overdue as well, but I'd still buy it without.

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I completely agree Raven Shield was my favorite R6 game. I've probably purchased it five or six times hahaha. I really hope they bring it back to that gameplay. I doubt they will though.