horrible game,bad gameplay,way to hard

User Rating: 1.5 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon XBOX
this game is the hardest game i've ever played it's good graphics but is just bad controls
this game is possibly the worst game i've ever played the multiplayers terrible too.

sound. it doesn't have any music but it does have sound effects.

graphics. its got good graphics

opponents/enemies. the enemies/computer players are way to hard they are impossible to see and you get shot without even noticing

multiplayer. the multiplayers terrible again you can't see each over.

controls. the controls are really hard to use you get mixed up with the controls really easily

story. the story of this game is terrible it's like random stuff you need to do, it doesn't have a story which is pathetic.

the game play. the game play is pretty terrible there is some sets of guns to choose from at the start of each level. the enemies are hard in this game, the objectives are really hard

online multiplayer. never tried it

overall. this game is the worst game that has ever been made it's terrible i couldn't even get past the first level so if you find this game at a shop DONT BUY IT!