Ghost Recon is a decent tactical squad shooter, but it's often too hard for it's own good.

User Rating: 7 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon XBOX
Ghost recon was the third game of my Tom Clancy Trilogy Pack that I played and, well, I didn't like nearly as much as Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six 3. Ghost Recon is a tough tactical shooter where knowing your environment is essencial to survival. I personally thrive at close-quarter combat, but Ghost Recon features wide open environments with plenty of places for your foes to hide and shoot at you from. This makes it very easy to die and makes the game very hard to reccomend to casual gamers and people who want a pick up and play game.

Gameplay: There is a ton of things you need to look out for during the game. You have three squadmates who you switch to when you die, but because of the environments and the skill level of the A.I., you'll find it very tough to get use to. You also don't see your gun, which is too old-school for it's own good. I played a few rounds of co-op with my brother, and we died so many times that we just got sick of trying.

Graphics: The graphics are solid, which is a staple to all games with the Tom Clancy name on them.

Sound: The sound effects are also great, which complement the gameplay.

Value: You can find this game cheep, and it does feature Xbox Live gameplay, so it's a decent pick up to those willing to die over and over again...

Final Thoughts: This is a game that is hard to like, but can be fun if you give it a chance. Ghost Recon 2 is a much better game to pick up and play.