Came free with purchase of Samsung 830 SSD desktop edition. Played previous GR's so I tought it was a nice surprise.

User Rating: 3 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PC
Yet the surprises came when the realization of how absolutely god awful this game is impacted me faster than getting hit by a major league swinger in the face.

I have played a few other previous ghost recon games and this one definitely stands out from the rest. As being by far the worst.

The maps are much smaller than previous ghost recon games. It tries to be call of duty in a sense regarding this. Usually you could take different tactical approaches while playing because the maps were so big and diverse, not this time. It funnels you down a corridor shooter basically. Also, there are scenes where you lose control of your character and need to shoot at enemies that "pop out" like one of those really really REALLY BAD arcade shooters that you go to the movies to kill time with until you're allowed to take your seat. You know, the ones you insert quarters into. No, I kid you not, that really is in this game.

The game has severe technical problems but they're being resolved so not that big of an issue imho. It's dx11 and the graphics DO look nice, that's about the only reason I gave this game a 3 instead of a 1. I'm serious.

I've lost so many countless hours in previous ghost recon games in the co-operative modes playing with other people. That's like, the biggest aspect of ghost recon for me, and probably is for other people. So I was quite shocked to learn that THERE IS NO MATCHMAKING OR SERVERS AT ALL to find other people to play co-op with. You are literally on your own for finding people to play this game with. No server list to choose from, no matckmaking, no nothing. There is only 2 co-op modes, campaign and basically wave-defending. Huge, HUGE downgrade from previous ghost recon games.

Also, this game is required 25GB to play. Kinda ridiculous considering the campaign can be beaten in a day and is filled with cutscenes instead of actual gameplay. Literally 30% of the content is cutscene and the maps are not only short but are quite tiny compared to previous ghost recon games.

Didn't even want to play the PVP multiplayer at this point. From what I hear it's completely infested with cheaters though, so whatever. I do believe there is matchmaking for this mode, but there isn't any at all for co-op. GR has never been big on pvp anyway so I don't really get this at all. Anyway I'm never going to experience how bad it is because I already uninstalled.

This game is ridiculously easy compared to other previous ghost recon games. All you do in this game is crouch, then go invisible automatically.... lmao. Then, here's teh funny thing. If you engage enemies and they become aware of your presence; going cloaked again apparently doesn't matter at all as they can somehow see you just fine even though your cloaked. It's god awful. I don't understand the point of cloaking to begin with from a gameplay standpoint, it's just pure cheese and it's lame all at the same time from both a balance standpoint and a gameplay mechanic.

Also, another huge disappointing. There are NO SQUAD CONTROLS!! They do everything themselves! I did not like this AT ALL. I enjoyed telling my squad what to do, where to go, where to hold an area, or telling one individual squad member to hold a specific location while another does something else in previous ghost recon games.... all of that is completely gone and is control by the a.i. You may think this is an upgrade if you are a brainless CoD fanboi but trust me, it was way more fun controlling exactly what they should be doing. It added another dimension to the gameplay that is simply gone now. I don't understand why there isn't at least an included option in the gameplay to be able to play like this. Terribad.

Gaming is going down the crap chute my friends. If I could have got a refund for this game, I would be on the phone with them right now. Sadly it came free so all I can do is erase its awful existance from my SSD and from my memories. Shouldn't be hard forgetting this one, it was that bad.

Sayin' it like it is, as always, ~ Shelledfade ~