User Rating: 7.5 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PC
the good
1_we play with 4 players and they following our common the our team
2_in this game always we can cover behind the wall,the bushes and etc.
3_this game include cover , kill,and comand and,yau can play really well and this game is for adults and the children can play this game.
4_in levels we have we differnt potentialities include bomb, c4 and etc.
5_ this game is a just right game beacuse we can run and with left shift we can jump and run and etc.
the bad
1_in the level 7 our team are hanging.
2_in level 6 we do not have snips for killing us etc.
3_the online game is btter than single player.
4_ we can not drive the car.
5_this game has voice so, the kids and children are not good and this crack is not a good crack for this game so, we can not play good with online games
6_this game does not have good potentialities for following our team.