really amazing combination of stealth and shooting game play. but lacks story and cut scene graphics.

User Rating: 8.5 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PS3
This game really gives a new gaming experience with its balanced combination of stealth and shooter game play mode which is rarely given by other games.
the game is really addictive, the stealth camo works good, the synchronised shooting mode feels awesome and the gunsmith mode with 30 plus weapons and thousands of customization is the best part of the game.

the game play time of campaign is relatively smaller but still it does not effect or decrease your interest in it.. Play the campaign again with all the weapons being unlocked after completing it once, it will drive you crazy..

the graphics are really good in the game play,, but the graphics of the cut scenes look old school. Story isn't an interesting or inspiring one,,it is forgettable ..

Despite of few lacks of the game ,,its one of the BEST game in the market with its combined stealth and shooter game play.
its worth playing.
If you are a fan of stealthy and modern shooter games with many weapons and gadgets and can compromise the story then this game is worth playing and for your collection.