Really good game, hooked from the first time I put the disk in my PS3

User Rating: 10 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PS3
This a really great game.
As a fan of all of the RSV, GRAW and HAWX games, I can easily say this is the best of them all. I have been hooked from the first time I played this game. It's not your standard shooter, it's a lot of fun, and going for the stealthy option in really enjoyable. I've reloaded the checkpoint a lot of times in the campaign when I don't have to so I can try again without alerting anyone. If you decide to be stealthy, it requires patience, and tactics to ensure that you don't take someone out that's in the path of someone else so they don't spot the body. When you work on this and plan your attack, it's rewarding when the last body falls and no-one had been alerted.
The multiplayer is also a lot of fun, and the game types are all really fun to play.
An absolute must play. Go out and buy this game. Now.