Shadow of death at the hands of ghosts

User Rating: 8 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PS3
Covert operations and special forces who have been trained to perform duties quietly, always pay attention to their own computer game makers are attracting. Ubisoft Ghost Recon series of such missions will also be displayed. Special group that carried out secret missions - are something of a breeze and the quiet way they are doing their jobs who are not aware of it. Latest version of Ghost Recon series of games with Future Soldier as a way to market, time truly gave meaning to the word Ghost Recon and new players with a form familiar to this group. Title by Ubisoft Paris, Ubisoft Red Storm and Ubisoft Romania has made.


The good parts of the game as you are. But a military story like no need to twist the story and stuff, but still has good elasticity and Future Soldier's story with a different question, the game encourages players to continue. Play starts from where one of the Ghost Recon team to attack a militant group to carry out its mission to be hindered. Operation ends well, but at the last moment, the team realized that the bomb is located in one of the trucks. This group of people who try to distance themselves from the bomb, but a strong explosion occurs and destroys them.

From here on, you play the role of another group of Ghost Recon puts forces. Four-person group whose members Pepper, 30k, Chuck, and are called Ghost Leader. Research shows it has come to the bomb that destroyed a Dirty Bomb Group that there is a combination of radioactive and explosive materials. The primary task of the new group, is to find the source of the attack and bomb production. It to countries like Nigeria, Russia, Pakistan, Norway and ... Are able to discover the secrets behind this incident.Ghost groups are assigned to rescue the president, but this is not easy.

Missions in different climatic conditions occur, and each of them to form different parts of the story to the game narrative. Very good story and the narrative is unclear, it is not seen. The story is full of fantastic cinematic scenes and parts of the game is very beautiful. This game will continue until the last moment and even in the last moments of the game, something new happened in the game are specified events which are very interesting. Not to mention that this is a short film called Ubisoft Ghost Recon: Alpha has been released for this game the way it is considered a prelude to the adventures.

In this short film, Ghost Recon 4-player team during the game to take control of them, they tried to seize a nuclear weapon has fallen into the hands of the Russian militia. Seeing this film can make you more familiar with the members of this group. Story by Mr. Richard Dnsky (Richard Dansky) is written. He is such an important role in shaping people's stories of Tom Clancy (Tom Clancy) and the creation stories in the series, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six has had an important role. He is also in the stories of other Ubisoft games like Far Cry, Blazing Angels and Might and Magic is also involved. The same issue that caused him to create the story of this game.


Playmaker YETI game engine made by a special series of games to play Ghost Recon and Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter was made. Real-Time engine power, lighting and create more smoke and fire and explosion. Parts that are designed in a very good game. Outline Future Soldier in the game looks good and the atmosphere was very good and quickly attracted you are playing, but when you see the little details, see the part of some very good games Chngy I do not have a script.

Tissue in most cases is very good quality games and the games are beautiful, but on the other side you can see the game in some parts of the tissues have lost their quality. The game is very good in some detail. The image reflected on the glass or the design of cities was very good, but when the game characters are up to the waist in water, very interesting effects are formed. The lighting is very good game. Optical zone of the La Ley will see branches of trees, is very good.Game in any weather conditions is seen.

Snowy weather, rain, sun and sand storms, snow and sleet are well simulated in game design.Design explosions, fire and smoke is also really good and the game has to be excited. Alongside this game have also pointed to physics. Good physics game designed for quality control and degradation are acceptable in the game. Puncture of the game to destroy all the cars and the edge of the wooden buildings and Janpnah and fragmentation of some military equipment, including parts of the game physics are good. The new User Interface that is intended for the game, the game has certain attractions.

It can be part of something that evolved in Splinter Cell: Conviction there named. Another issue that can be said about the game's overall atmosphere, though the beauty is that the game is good, but the game seems to be dry. If the animation team to move a little grass, trees and other Germans who are in nature's design, it was not in the game. Another not-so-good parts, are the curtains. In the design of game characters in the scenes, especially when military equipment to do is not good. If the design of game characters that the curtain displays, is very bad and so the beauty of the game is diminished. Overall design process, the diversity of art and it is very good and in control every step of the game will be a specific and graphic effects. The whole game could be very extraordinary, but not observed dichotomy in the design environment and sometimes cause the game not a great graphics, but it is good.

Music / Sound

Music by Tom Salta Future Soldier (Tom Salta) and Hybrid are made. Salta's music is already making a game like HAWX, Cold Fear, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, Ghost Recon Advanced: Warfighter 2, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary has done. Music that is made by him, are more like orchestral music and mood that cities and regions that can play it, are very consistent and have been very beautiful and excellent work. They heard the sound of various instruments well, and this appeal has to play well.

That has been secretly took steps to pass time, I do not hear music in the game and this is the only voice that this will be your partner. Excellent work environment and become the voice of the intricacies of good builders in this area have been given. Due to the fact that weather conditions have affected the game, music, natural factors such as rain, sleet, snow or sandstorm sound as good as the games are simulated. The sound of weapons that you can also play an important part of the simulation is very good.


This game is full of interesting and exciting part of the gameplay is very fresh and attractive. One new feature that you can see in this game, something that makes sense in this game called Ghost Recon to find more. Ghost in this group are the clothes that they can by themselves are invisible.

Optical Camouflage clothing to benefit from the technology and cause the group to stay hidden from enemies and their missions could do without drawing attention. The use of these clothes does not mean that if 100 percent of the players will see hidden enemies. Whatever, these clothes are also recognizable from far and so close you can use to identify the enemy.Also, if you start shooting in invisible mode, this feature is disabled.

Keep it focused. Invisible mode can also surprise your enemies from behind and take them away.shot from very close distance from the cut.

Interesting point that your character after an enemy you do not have to tighten down and not generate additional noise. But in doing so lost the ability to be invisible and if you have other enemies nearby, you can see. Note that this issue should do whatever you want to do in the game, you should check out the game and find out what parts are the enemies. You'll notice several enemy soldiers located in an area that you are present and in what parts are a few different players have been possible. One of them is a Sensor that is launching it as a grenade thrown at different places and that his enemies are in range to be displayed.

It also have a Droid that can fly and can move on. With this device you want to give consideration to all environmental and enemies to a distance of 100 meters can detect. Also, if you talk to your teammates, you can see that the enemies are identified and positioning them to tell you. After identifying the enemy can also specify up to four people simultaneously, which means you and other team members are killed. I should also note that this section of your enemies if someone around them to Bnashd not identify the body.

If your body does it, your position is Lou, and in some steps that should sound alarm Drbyayd, failure to eat. German secret game - work and tactic was very committed and very good for those interested in the secret style - has created something.When you specify a purpose for it, it's best as possible without drawing attention to removing the elect, and go there.

They also help during a very difficult game and can opener to the game better for you. The game includes all the hidden - does not work and sometimes the way it should take action before the game. Hiding and taking cover in a game system that you can see, is something that games like Splinter Cell: Conviction existed. Move between different covers by specifying the location and keep button A (on the Xbox 360) is performed.

The camera is designed to play the Germans is one of the exciting game is very high. The camera can be very advanced cases it knew what was in Conviction. Free movement of camera angles and shots that would have shown very good, very large role in the game is beautiful. The different scenes from different camera moves. When the character is a shooting game, play a character close to the camera and there is nothing interesting. If you're in the back and side views Janpnah you are shooting, the camera comes close to the players and the players realized that something dramatic and its movement a dangerous situation where they can.

It should also be noted that this issue should also note where you've been hiding behind it. If there is wood, is the rapid degradation and may be killed. The camera is going to carelessly run-time mode. Character animation for games that are very well designed and are of great diversity. Form of running, walking, crawling to the shelter are getting very good shape and are very soft and smooth running. The way the game is that you must work as a team. Single work in this game will not go anywhere and do not result in the killing.

Facilities and technology available to other players in the game are. One of the most interesting is that there is only one of the steps, a military robot called BigDog War Hound is very similar to that war. The War Hound can specify the purposes for which you can attack. There are too many weapons in the game that you can strengthen them as different. With reference to the choice of weapons, you can see, playing all kinds of different weapons in the class puts on you, and players can choose to change the smallest part of it also.

It should also be noted that the Optical Camouflage technology is not just your team and enemies of progress in the game to get back the use of this technology.Of course it is not easy and requires careful identification and evaluation is very strict environment.

The gameplay is very interesting and varied and very good players are always new challenges encountered in the game. If you are interested in the multiplayer part, this is an interesting game modes that Guerrilla is one of them. It looks like Horde mode in Gears of war or the multiplayer game is Mass Effect 3. Wave of different players in this sector must fight with enemy forces and destroy them. Wave processes in higher levels and more enemies as the game gets harder.


Future Soldier Takytky play a very good and exciting as that can really entertain you for a long time. The problems that we mentioned in the graphics sector, causing it to fail as to give a higher rating, but be sure that this game has a very good experience and is definitely worth playing.