If you see this on the self or in an online store....RUN!

User Rating: 1 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PC
First off, I would like to say that I have been both a Tom Clancy fan and a fan of the games which bare his name for many years. I have played (or attempted to play) anything and everything "Clancy" branded in regards to games. But (again) I am dispointed with Ubisoft rendition of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for PC.

First let me start with graphics. Graphics are adequate but are not up to par with many recently released games on PC. You can change the graphic setting in the options menu but they seem to have little effect. It really looks like when they ported the game over from 360 they just left whatever graphics that version came with. In fact they seem to have just done minimal work overall on the port (more on that below).

Sound is not too bad. Voices are clear. Music seems appropriate where used. However, it seems that characters "reporting" is delayed or poorly timed in places. You might see three targets in front of you but your team might not report them until several seconds (if at all) after you have already seen them. I have even taken out a target to have one of my squad mates report he just saw him.

Presentation. The game unfolds before the player much as many previous games in the series. You are a member of a highly advanced team that uses some exotic equipment to get the job done in various locals in the world. The plot flows in linear fashion from point A to point B to point C. Each point you have a mission in which you must find or kill or transport to complete. Overall, the story while not too deep is interesting.

The Bugs. Unfortunately, GR:Future Soldier is plagued by bugs. If you run the game without patching to at least 1.2 you may find you will not be able to control your soldier. At random times, controls just stop working. As an example, I just was working on a mission about 3/4 of the way through the campaign game. About 1/3 of the way through that mission I found I was locked into aim mode and could no longer take cover in fire-fights or hide if the mission required it. Have yet to be able to fix it or complete that mission.

Not complete port over. That's right, for whatever reason the game is a direct port from console. Unfortunately, the development team at Ubi_Ukraine did exactly that, they ported it exactly as it was from console. This becomes apparent right off when you start seeing prompts for XBOX controls on your screen that have no reference to PC controls. I personally spent 30 minutes just translating what controls on my PC went with those onscreen prompts. What is also annoying is the fact that many of those controls are not universally the same. What might prompt on screen to be a XBOX "green A" button push may turn out to be "spacebar" or "control key" on PC.

Overall, I would avoid this game. If Ubisoft ever gets around to properly porting this game and fixing the bugs you might check it out in the future.

NOTE: there is also a iOS app that is suppose work with PC known as the Ghost Recon Network. This is currently broken. Ubi has promised to fix this put the last post on Ubisofts forums was about a month ago.