for the 3ps fan-boy this game is really amazing , great job Ubisoft

User Rating: 8.5 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PC
this game is really amazing if we speak about the 3ps games
really this is the best 3ps ubisoft game ever after the war fighter 1&2 also the game is so good if you like the weapons customization stuff or the advanced combat scene , teammate strategies and the other advanced gadgets like the drone or the warhound .... , i did have lot of fun in this game and i m 99% sure you gonna like this game

the good
game play -sound track -natural sound - mission - action scene - global graphic - life time - fun - teammate -visual effect - gamepad

the bad
high hardware requirement to play the game without lag or fps drop - texture - sound of the weapons fire - explosion effect - story- AI not really good

Game Note :
graphic :8
natural sound : 8
sound track : 9
gameplay : 9
fun : 8.5
life time : 9
last note : 8.5

and my last word This game is just epic for the 3ps fan boy u really gonna like it inchaelah and i m so sure of that considering my self a 3ps fan boy and also i have the experience in video games so the final note for This game is gonna be « b «

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