Pretty good play in my opinion (may contain a small mission spoiler)

User Rating: 8 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PC
Haven't checked to see how far in I am but I feel I may be a few hours till the end. I see people saying this is a bad port or the controls are sluggish. I really do not feel that way at all. I have a good rig but it isn't something that would compare to one that a person with money to blow could cook up. The one thing I did notice is I had to disable crossfire for the game to run perfectly. When crossfire was enabled, even with the most up to date drivers, the game was a little slower and flickered a little here and there. Once disabled its perfect. I did notice that there was no way to get to options unless you quit the mission you were on.. and I don't understand why this is even so. The one last thing I guess that was bothersome was that there are parts it seems they want you to get caught and fight your way through. for example.. at the airport.. I got to the point where you plant the bomb on the plane and after the plant you have to get out of the airport. I got rid of the crew that was in the hangar silently but could not continue. Then had to reload it and get caught for me to proceed with the mission. Might have been a bug but I feel they wanted you to get caught since they mentioned alarms would not result in a failed mission before that part.

Gameplay is smooth and the mechanics work for me as I'd think they should. I don't really have any issues aside from what I listed above with the game really. Cant wait to get back home and continue it tonight. check it out