Terrible PC port of what might turn out to be a cool decent game. The potential is there, but PC gamers are screwed.

User Rating: 3 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PC
It might be a good shooter for the PC if only the port was done properly. The port is done half-heartedly. As with Ubisoft PC games, menus are generally controller-based. Assassins Creed port was not that bad, at least the controls in-game are still fluid.

In Future Soldier, controls are awkward and clunky for keyboard and mouse. Mouse cursor is sluggish and not responsive even with various speed settings.

In-game tutorials are still in original XBox360 controls. There are no ways to go to options menu once you started the campaigns.

Performance is not tweaked for the PC. I run the latest PC games all fine on i5, GTX 460 SLI and 8GB RAM. It feels sluggish on the PC.

Shame on Ubisoft on another lame PC port. PC games are not dead. Blizzard games including Diablo III has record breaking sales. Why release subpar games only to ruin your own reputation and quality?