Future Soldier is a fun coop adventure with friends, but a few bugs and faults prevent the game from a perfect score.

User Rating: 7 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier X360
Now I've always been a big fan of Tom Clancy games, with the exception of Ghost Recon. It's funny, i've only played Splinter Cell and the Rainbow Six series, but never Ghost Recon. Now, with a couple of trailers and gameplay previews I became a little excited and i decided to give the game a try. Didn't regret it, and I even dusted off GRAW 2 and played that from start to finish. (that was fun also.) But anyway, it's time for the review, not my personal gaming life.


GRFS (i'm just going to abbreviate lol) is a futuristic spin on the GR series, and features three modes. One of these modes, is the obvious four player cooperative campaign, or story mode. Now this is where i think the game shines. The game, from start to finish, is playable with up to three other buddies, and features many teamwork-savvy situations, such as formations and sync shots. Now while the story itself isn't that developed or in depth, (Its just the typical terrorist nuke go here and there to complete the objective kinda thing.. well a little bit better than that but you get the point) the coop makes up for that big time. Performing coordinated kills by targeting the enemy is very satisfying, and going through a specific area without being detected and neutralizing all the enemies feels pretty good. Sync shots is a feature, much like the mark and execute system in Splinter Cell Conviction, where you target an enemy by pressing RB. Once everyone has an enemy tagged and are aiming their sights on them, you trigger the shot by firing first. This feature is very well made and helpful, and doesn't disappoint. There is also the Gunsmith feature, where you can create all sorts of guns to satisfy your gun craze. There are options such as customizing the trigger, sight, camo, gas system, underbarrel, and more that I probably forgot. Either way, the campaign is a blast to experience with your friends and for me, was the highlight of the game. I would recommend it just FOR the campaign in fact.


The multiplayer brings four typical competitive modes and one other cooperative mode, Guerrilla mode. The competitive modes Sabotage, Conflict, Siege, and.... i forgot the other ;) all feature gunsmith and two opposing factions, with objective based gameplay such as capturing and detonating a bomb, capturing intel and supply points, and capturing, (did I say capturing enough?) intel WITHOUT dying, so pretty much no respawns. Now the intensity does come into mind when playing the multiplayer, most specifically with Siege, knowing you have only one life makes the match that more fun and intense. Then, there's the Guerrilla mode, which acts as the games survival mode. Much like Gears 2's horde mode (not Gears 3) it gives you the objective of surviving for 50 waves without dying. Every 10 waves gives you a stealth wave, where you need to eliminate all enemies without being detected. Completing the wave successfully gives you bonus ammo and (I think.) weapons.


The environment in GRFS looks great, with the trees moving slowly along with the wind, and the great and gritty desert storms furiously blowing in your character's face. The detail they put into the game's levels was amazing. However, that doesn't mean that the game is all flowers and.... something else.. yeah well anyway, the texture on some npc's faces look silly and not so lively, and certain scenes in the game even made me laugh at how plain and absurd they were. (not gonna spoil it, you'll see yourself.) But overall, the game did great on the graphical asset.


Overall, I felt that despite the little amount of bugs and awkward looking character textures, Future Soldier did not disappoint me. The great, 12 hour campaign was a blast and the multiplayer, though slightly boring after awhile, provided me with some intense filled moments and did deliver extra playtime to the table. Ghost Recon gets a 7 out of 10 from me, now lets hope for a sequel!