Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier - Don't be fooled

User Rating: 6 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PC
The Ghost Recon series has always been a favorite among gamers. Its about tactics and strategy, not run and gun like most shooter games like BF3 or COD.

When this game was announced I was relieved, I finally thought that I had something worth waiting for. Sadly that isn't the case.

The game feels incomplete, with the campaign being the better part. The campaign follows a team of four Ghosts as they complete missions for their country. Honestly I don't feel the story at all, it just feels rushed. There are quite a few missions to complete with challenges to unlock weapons as a bonus.

This gets me to my next point, gun customization. Truly this is where the game shines. Every gun is customizable, from their optics straight through to the trigger type. A lot of fun to completely custom build your own unique gun, and then use it in the game.

Final topic that I want to discuss is the multiplayer, which is different from anything you've ever played. Everyone knows that this game is tactics and strategy based, and so is the multiplayer. But with so few people understanding this concept, the multiplayer is a joke. No team work, bad connectivity and a host of glitches cause this to be the worst part of the game.

If you the read to this point and think I should not buy this game, then you sir or madam are correct. Run to nearest exit of the store holding this game, because it is the biggest piece of garbage that I have ever played.