Broken team selection, too much time in menus and at load screens, server issues. Should have been first person.

User Rating: 6.5 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier X360
Single player is great. Almost worth the price of admission right there but that's only part of the show and the half baked multiplayer kills what could have been a decent game.

Why are there two start button screens? Why does it load, then load again and then have you wait only to load one last time? Why is there a 30 second load screen just to go back to the menu?

Menu selections seem sluggish. I kit out soldiers on both sides. Why is it then that I play as Bodark 95% of the time. Third person seems like a gimmick only to try and stand out from the pack. First person would have been a better seller.

No lone wolf aspect to the multiplayer. Team games are great but if none of your friends are available to play then you just don't play. Not a wise use of your gaming dollars to let a game sit on the shelf just because your friends are busy. Should emphasize team play but not make it mandatory. This was another mistake.

Sure you can play alone but it feels handicapped.