A complete misdirection of what Gamers wanted from Ghost Recon

User Rating: 5 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier X360
Not a lot to say here. Ghost Recon could have been brilliant and even the deviation from the original formula isn't the show stopper. Its simply the lack of talent behind the game makers.

1) Ghost Recon's story is lifeless.

2) Graphics are actually WORSE then GRAW 1 and 2.

3) The entire game is 2.0 channel audio.

4) AI is horrific. On Elite it does not present even some what of a challenge. This is unfortunate because there is no tension at all. You are simply there and doing things. Its sad.

5) Level design is a shadow of former games. Mainly due to maps being incredibly small. Add all the intel and basically you have a game full of choke points and wall hacks.

6) No custom settings in custom lobbies.... nothing to say here. GR was know to have some of the most customizable gameplay types. Not any more. No weapon restrictions or anything. Choose a map and go.

7) No customizable controls. Sorry Southpaw players.

8) 1 No respawn modes. Its cuts the map in half or less and is extremely short on time. This is far from the tension of past Ghost Recons.

The above reason sums up Ghost Recon in general. Lack of life, immersion does not exist. Overall it is simply pathetic.