This is a quick review for those who are interested in the same types of games as I am!

User Rating: 8 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier X360
I wanna start by saying I'm a huge fan of the Ghost Recon franchise. I remember running around sniping in Ghost Recon on the original Xbox when it first went online. Stealthily sneaking around maps so you can get that perfect shot on your enemy and frustrate him to death.

Now moving on to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. This game is not very much like the predecessors in many ways. First, it doesn't feel necessary to sneak or be cautious anymore. It's more run and gun than the last entries. Second, online multiplayer has been mainstreamed to fit in the with the recent shooters. Last, they got rid of the co-op separate story which was one of my favorite features.

Now moving on to the good things. I really like the customization features you can select for your characters. The choices for each gun is amazing, by far my favorite addition to the game. If you want CQB add a higher rate gas piston and shorten the barrel. If you want to shoot further add a longer barrel and an ACOG. Want to be silent, add a suppressor/silencer and a match trigger. The options are endless.

A new fun feature, although again it takes away choices from the player himself, is the diamond formation. Here you are covering yourself and your team by forming a diamond. Each person has their own sector to watch and the game moves you along the path automatically so you can just focus on shooting.

The story itself was decent, but don't expect anything dramatic. This game is perfect for waiting for the next game to come out. My friends and I are in the USMC and the multiplayer is suited toward squad tactics which is second nature to us so that was a huge draw for myself.