Nice Gameplay, but an Unfinished Product

User Rating: 4 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier X360

Complicated menus, countless Loading Screens, and the constant Game-breaking bugs. These are what one can expect from playing this game on the Xbox 360. When it loads the main title sequence, you are greeted by your standard "press start "screen. and low and behold, a loading screen appears, where it takes you to another "press start" screen. The menu is overly complicated, with connection types and confusing dialogues. I still haven't been able to work out how to do a co-op game, where attempting to do this in another game like Halo or MW3 is so much easier. The campaign (when it bothers to load) is full of bugs and glitches, ranging from broken objectives, enemies not spawning or loosing your team mates. I am yet to play a full hour without having to restart my Xbox at least 2 times, the reasons ranging from annoying mid-game loading screens, where it gives you no control over your console what so ever, or just the constant crashing of the game, even when patches have been downloaded and applied.

There are some really nice gameplay aspects of it though. The stealth is excellent, the sync shots are amazing and the teamwork aspects are great. The customization of the weapons aspect is very well done, as you have a lot of control over your gun's characteristics.

In Conclusion, it does have some really neat gameplay ideas, but shows that ubisoft really needs to improve their release standards. A delayed game is better than a broken one