Disappointing game, but still good nevertheless.

User Rating: 7 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier X360
Story: You begin the game by playing as a ghost team called "Predator" who are on a mission to disrupt weapons trafficking in the region of Nicaragua. However when they inspect the convoy vehicles, a bomb planted remotely detonates, killing the team.

Another Ghost group called "Hunter" gets call-signed to investigate the cause and the source of the bomb under the supervision of the Major, Scott Michell.

Gameplay: I feel that I really need to mention the Sync Shot first as I absolutely loved the concept, and was the reason why I bought the game in the first place ( complete honesty here! ) Basically, the Sync Shot is used to many times that I worked naturally in the end, even during active battles, but the Sync Shot is most active during stealth, where choosing up to 4 targets to take down in synch, thus the "Sync Shot".

There's also a weapon customization, which allows you to freely customize your weapon of choice however you want. Considering this is the first "soldier FPS" I barely touched the weapon customization because of fear of messing up the whole weapon. Guess I'll give it a go later on.

Enemies/Monsters: The enemies you encounter throughout the game are related to the different places the team travel to. You only get to know the antagonist close to the end of the game.

Skills: No skills can be obtained in the game. Sync Shot and active camouflage are the only 'skills' in the game.

Overall: The game was good, because I was impressed by the Sync Shot. But the game itself disappointed me because the end really felt like the beginning of the game where it truly felt as if the story was beginning and ending at the same time! I also like that one certain level in the game was my favorite even if I struggled with it.