I m in love with the gunsmith

User Rating: 8 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PC
Ghost Recon 1 was among the first games I played. Maybe that why I always loved this game but the initial squad tactice was always better. The changes they made in Advanced warfighter was even amazing. In the future Soldier, the 03 things i really loved, the invisibility cloak, Synchronized shooting and the best of all 'THE GUNSMITH'. I cannot say the entire game is the best in series but the gunsmith is the fantastic option I have seen compared to any other games. Even in 'Call of Duty" you get guns with multiple attachments. but here you get to choose what attachments you want for the weapon. However, the weapon choosing its a bid odd. I cannot understand while choosing a weapon at the start of a mission we cannot choose say a sniper and a Machine gun whereas we can take that in the game from the weapon boxes. doesn't really make sense.

But the game is amazing, lets you play your style of playing, depending the mission. Have always loved it and will look forward to a better version of the same if its on the way