LAST TIME I EVER BUY A NEW GAME and maybe the last I buy from ****

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I cannot believe how they mislead us about the co-op campaign. Every one at ubisoft knew we thought there was a split screen co=op campaign BUT they didn't tell us there wasn't because they knew it would hurt sales. What a bunch of jerks! And all those that say "oh they never said "split screen co-op" are just being disingenious. They know that everyone expected a co-op (split screen) campaign. Every other game has one and it even says 1-2 players on the box. They did not come out and say NO SPLIT SCREEN CAMPAIGN becuse they knew a ton of us would not have pre-ordered. What a dirty trick. Shame on you UBIS&CKS! I've been buying your games since ghost recon 1. My sons and I have played together on them for years, since they were young but can't do that with this game! So no more new games for me ESPECIALLY not from ubis&cks.

 And anyone who takes up for ubis&cks probably works for them. They mislead us on purpose. It was NOT an oversight. It was a dirty trick.

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The absence of split-screen doesn't bother me and I don't work for Ubisoft. However if they are looking for a Software Designer with over 25 years of experience give me a call!
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split-screen?!is the only bad thing in the game,ok tomorrow i go to grab a copy.....haha..this is not a problem..nobody cares about spli-screen... 

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is this the first time this is happening?

didn't rockstar promote finger less gloves?

didn't Radical say the city in Prototype 2 was the same in explorable size as that in prototype 1?

didn't bioware say that mass effect 3 had a good campaign and that the story had an epic conclusion?

didn't peter molyn-hype say that ....... wait.... whatever he says is always a lie......



there have been very many cases of developers and publishers telling lies before release. this will keep happening.

so unless the gamers smarten up which we all know will never happen, this trend will keep chugging along like a phaneuf train.



paid off reviews, over hyping, dlc  etc there are many things in the gaming industry that are a plague and disease but ironically many of them are ignored by gamers.


don't be so quick to say NEVER when it comes to buying new games. unless of course you are prepared to become a pirate which in today's world is a good way of screwing over money hungry scum developers and publishers but also results in the future being bleak like always online, drm and worse case scenario no used game compatibility.

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I personally wouldn't want to even try split screen in campaign, I did it on Guerilla mode and since the screens are so tiny for each player it made my head hurt. I couldn't imagine trying that through the whole story.

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If this was 7-8 years ago I'd be right there with you, but people with no itnernet connection to play games consoles online are in the very very small minority. Yes, Ubi probably could have put it in very easily, but even though they haven't - it doesn't affect the vast majority of gamers Still no excuse but it's the best I could think of
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I don't have any stats to discredit your claim about online/offline gamers, but I really doubt its true. I'm sure there are still a large fraction of xbox gamers who would like to play split screen with a younger sibling, son/daughter, a friend over the house or whatever. I didn't buy it with the priority of playing split screen, but I was with a friend when I got it, immediately went over his house to play co op and found out you can't. Then we had to just take turns per level. Obviously that was lame. I also know someone who was dying for this game for months, preordered it, got it day one and doesn't even have xbox live and also was left dissapointed when he could play it with his wife.

I think the reason why we don't hear much from gamers who are dissapointed with no split screen that don't have xbox live is that they simply just aren't the kind of person that would come online to a forum like this to complain about it.