Better Performance Tweaks!

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I just installed GRFS and I was impressed by the visuals,

But then I saw that the game wasn't really optimized for pc gaming. The FPS are lower than they should be, even on a strong pc that have the latest hardware. FPS on the first mission will be like 45-51 most of the times.

a)does anyone know where to find the tweakable .ini file for this game?

b)Do you know of a good settings, tweaks or graphic settings in-game to give solid 60 FPS without throwing away visuals?

I also noticed that even reducing some of the game heaviest things, like ambient shadows, lighting, physics etc doesnt change the frame per seconds at all. It is almost as if this game got FPS limiters.

Side note: I think shadows should be set to normal, high takes our 15 fps or more, normal and low are the same. but that is the only tweaks I found.

Please help us find the best way to improve GRFS performance.Thanks.