Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Desert Siege Cheats For PC

  1. Console Codes

    Press NUMBERPAD ENTER (the one in the bottom-right corner of the keyboard) to bring up the Console Window. Type the following cheats in and press ENTER to turn on the desired cheat.

    Effect Effect
    chickenrun Chicken grenades
    god Commit suicide
    superman god mode
    ammo Infinite Ammo
    shadow Invisibility
    extremepaintball Paintball Mode
    refill Refill inventory
    run run faster
    unlockhero Specialist
    unlockheros Specialist(s)
    squirrelkite Squirrel Launcher
    teamsuperman team god mode
    teamshadow Team Invisibility
    autowin/autolose Win or lose current mission.

    Contributed by: NTsui 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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