A mediocre, boring game with a beautiful wrapper.

User Rating: 6.4 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 X360
Contrary to most, I dont like Graw 2. The entire game is kind of boring to me.
This is because basically what you do is run around and shoot ppl. Now, i know, everyone will say that all you do in EVERY shooter game. However, that is not so. In games such as halo and Battlefield you can use vehicles(with which you can run them over or use the turrent), you can stick them(in halo), throwing grenades is MUCH easier to do(in halo), you can assasinate them(in halo), downwight melee them(in halo), you can call in artillery strikes or mortars(in BF), and so, so forth. In Graw 2, there is no melee, no jump, no vehicles you can directly and kill in, throwing grenades is a hassle. The whole game is just boring to me. The game lacks anything fresh. However, i must say, the graphics are phenominal(despite the clip not coming out of the gun when reloading) and you've gotta love the back to wall feature. the game would've been much better had ubisoft put that ability in multiplayer...