This is a sick twizted dope game

User Rating: 9.7 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 X360
The single player campaign...much to say about that. Haven't bothered to play it, but I do hear it is quite short,yet sweet. I will get around to play it sometime in the future. I am quite absorbed by the online multiplayer. The maps are beautiful, and there is a vast array of game types available. There is strategy both in the tactical and strategic sense. You have to think, communicate, and be aware of your status. You can't just run around like in Gears of War or halo. This game is for the patient, and intelligent. It is the most realistic combat game available at this time. The graphics are beautiful. The gameplay is the only thing that I have a bit of disappointment with. It is more realistic than the previous GRAW. When running, and hitting the crouch button, you slide. It is difficult to maneuver. You have to be fully aware of your character's speed and reaction time. Once again, it is more realistic,which is good, but it presents problems. The only other problem presented with GRAW 2 is lagging. It doesn't lag as bad as the first GRAW, but lagging presents itself about 25% of the time when playing online. Sometimes you will drop, sometimes you will shoot at a person lagging, and they won't die when they should. They then shoot you once, and you're dead. You get whipped for no reason. It sucks when it happens. It is a problem, but it isn't significant enough or frequent enough for me to not play. This is a great game. I advise anyone on a playstation 3 (whenever it comes out) to get it, and anyone with a 360 must get it as well, if they desire a game with incredible depth to it.