This game is a master class in what the Xbox 360 can pull of and this game is the hottest thing till Halo 3 beta hits us

User Rating: 9.8 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 X360
GRAW series once again pushed the boundaries of the Xbox 360 and shows us what the console can rearly do, I should know as I've got extra cooling in my Xbox 360 and this game has made it the hottest reading yet. So prepare your self good ventilation for a blast of a time.
I have yet to touch on the online multiplayer , but from the options I've seen it's varied and has enough to keep you busy till the next release. Clan options are what you would expect to see from an Xbox 360 title getting help from the clan base of Halo 3.
The single seems a lot shorter than GRAWs last outing but a lot more fun and less fustrating. The visuals are mind blowing, just remember to use HDTV if you have one which I luckaly do, as it's essential to see it's glory.
Though this does'nt use the full screen on my setup which is a shame and gives me a letter box effect, but this does'nt spoil the game one bit.
The musical score is perfectly timed and which unlockable music videos this is a sure hit.
Sound effects are a great part of this game and adds a whole extra sense to you.

A must for all Xbox 360 owners, surely this springs top hit.