GRAW2 is an improvement over GRAW1 but it brings it own problems that hold it back. (full review inside)

User Rating: 6 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 X360
Hey GS

Id like to put down how I Score games (this is important if you want to understand why my score is so 'low':
1 - Utter rubbish
2 - Utter rubbish
3 - rubbish
4 - average
5 - Good
6 - Pretty good
7 - Great
8 - Greater than 7
9 - Awesome
10 - so great ill never review a game that's this good...period.

GRAW2 is the sequel to GRAW1, which makes sense. It is set 3 days or so after the events in GRAW1 and you have suddenly developed a much cooler more generic character model, amazingly more high tech gear and the voice of Master Chief and Solid Snake(who is the same person…almost).


Amazingly GRAW2 looks better than GRAW1. This is amazing because they released about 10 months apart. So all the textures are sharper, everyone has a new, cooler look, and all the Mexicans you will be killing probably animate better when you slaughter them.


More generic voice acting, bland music and crappy sound effects that plagued the original GRAW.


Exactly the same. With the same lagged up reaction times.


Now, if you have noticed, the review has been pretty crap. But that's about to change here as it's the GAMEPLAY SECTION!

GRAW2, as mentioned earlier starts soon after GRAW1, and it is up to you to traverse through 10 hours of intense ritual Mexican slaughter following the trail of some missing nukes using more high tech gadgets and some more ghosts and vehicles. The good part is, is that everything has been improved, you can issue orders from the units perspective now, so you can issue orders a lot more easily. The UAV has been improved so its less crappy. AI has improved so your team is less crappy. And difficulty has been reduced to make it better or worse depending on what you like. After you finish GRAW you will realise that Scott Mitchell is the toughest character in the history of the universe and could kick chiefs arse from here to another universe where he'll be killed for staring in Halo. Then you will notice, if you haven't already, that there is a Online mode where all your friends from GRAW1 will be hanging out. It has been improved dramatically here with better graphics and Gameplay add on's. A added bonus is the DLC. You can download new online campaign maps, multiplayer maps and GRAW1 multiplayer maps for a small fee, which makes this game a bit more appealing. However, prepared to get your arse kicked all over as everyone you meet is a pro, and you have to learn the skills of the trade…fast.


GRAW2 is an improvement over GRAW1 but its still to generic for my liking, but the solid online and improved game mechanics make this a good TTPS.