Although Shorter Than GRAW, GRAW2 Is Alot Better In Action And Story, Its Brilliant

User Rating: 9.3 | Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 X360
GOOD- Superb Graphics; Updated A.I; Tatical works well without getting confused; Better online game/graphics

BAD- Too short; Plays like GRAW

the game is a third person stratagy shooter, you just dont go in the middle of fire and blast away your enermies, this takes the real side of war games as you use tatics and and control comands to move your alies, as you take cover and use each weapon wisly.

The best graphics i've seen so far on an Xbox 360, realistic exsplotions and backgrounds, real life movements and chrecture desgns. the only probblem is if you look through a mirror or a window, it shows you a reflection, but not the relection you s'posse to see, like a relection of a road, but if you turn around, theres a wall behind you

Fantasic sound effects and awesome background music and great voice acting, this game makes you, not only look like your in the game, but also sounds like your in the game!

GRAW is a wonderful game for your collection, but get the PS2 version, get the 360 version, this is a game to remember!