Toki Tori is fun, short and sweet game for those who want to enjoy the Puzzle genre short-term.

User Rating: 8 | Toki Tori PC

Game: Toki Tori

Genre: Puzzle

Developer: Two Tribes

System:Steam (PC)

Total Score: 76/100

Value Score: 7.6/10

• Story: 3/10

o Toki Tori's storyline involves a little chick by the name of Toki Tori who must rescue his brothers and sisters after they were swept away to a dark castle. After he hatches from his eggshell he goes on a journey to save them.

• Characters: 7/10

o You have Toki Tori who pretty much has a nice personality for a character of a game that doesnt seem like it has much, his cute and hilarious appearances and actions will put you in high spirits even in times of frustration when trying to solve the puzzles in the game. Along with that you have the enemies in the game which vary depending on the stages and offers a variety which has no clones at all which is nice.

• GamePlay: 10/10

o Toki Tori's gameplay involves mainly in a puzzle genre with some platforming abilities such as jumping and moving around in a 2D stage. You will get access to all sorts of abilities and items which can do anything ranging from teleporting, freezing enemies, providing you cover or a path to a certain area which you couldnt do before. There are also different obstacles and enemies which will be in your way which you can pass through using various methods. Your goal in the game is to collect all of the eggs in the level. By collecting all the eggs completely you will go to the next stage within the level which offers a whole different layout with new obstacles and enemy placement. You will be limited to certain items with certain amounts as well. There will be times when you make a mistake and you can undo this by rewinding or even forwarding if you undo a rewind - this is very useful as you will tend to make more mistakes as you progress through the game as the puzzles and layouts get more complex.

• Graphics: 8/10

o The visuals have improved quite well from the GBC version of the game, the game is in HD and the animations are quite nicely done. The environment and levels are well designed as well. Visuals are spot on in terms of quality however there will be times where you might see a glitch but the chances of that happening are pretty slim. Although the visuals are nicely done the backgrounds however could of had more work on it - the obstacles and the objects which you interact with were the ones which were mostly focused on.

• Sound: 8/10

o Toki Tori's sound effects go well with all the events in the game from walking, jumping and attacking a enemy. The sound effects are nicely done although there can be at times when the game may and can be seem to be too quiet.

• Music: 7/10

o The music is quite well done in Toki Tori, each set of stages have their own theme music, you have the main theme song and the credits. Although its OST isnt as huge as other games - it has a pretty decent variation of different types of songs.

• Length: 5/10

o Toki Tori's main fault is possibly its length, the main storyline will take you no more than 3 hours if you know exactly what you are doing, there will be at some points where you may get stuck and may take you some time in the game however if you are looking for a long term experience - it might not be the best option for you unless you do the extra stages and re-do the main storyline in the harder difficulty.

• Replay Value: 10/10

o The game includes a whole new difficulty setting for the main storyline along with some new additional custom stages and a campaign which spins off from Portal 2. The bonus levels and the extra difficulty makes up for the replay department for Toki Tori and is heavily recommended.

• Player Value: 8/10

o Toki Tori is a short and sweet game for those who love puzzles and a bright colored atmospheric game. The game's puzzles will leave you thinking on how to progress and the colorful themes in the design and music will keep you on your way as you try to solve through the puzzles in the game. The game comes with about 4 worlds with a set number of stages and the PC version includes additional bonus levels and a rewind/forward button feature which allows you to undo mistakes.