This interactive game has deep soul, great soundtrack that every person should experience.

User Rating: 9 | To the Moon PC
At first it might seem like an old school RPG. Graphics are sure made that way, but player will forget about graphics in the first 10 minutes of gameplay. This game needs to be experienced and understood. If you love visual novels with razor-sharp storyline, filled with feelings and thought - this game is for you. Experiencing another person's life makes you rethink yours and really feel the game. Beautiful soundtrack adds to the perfect atmosphere. There is one battle to give you the RPG feeling but it is more of a laugh to up your mood. Ending and story twists will keep you guessing and never disappoint. Gentle feelings stay with you while you play. Ending is great too and leave a lot to think about. Only flaw this game has is that performing same task over and over gets repetitive after a while but the story is so good you will not care much about the gameplay in general. So in overall this game is a masterpiece which should be experienced by everyone.