To the Moon - What high budget games can learn from this!

User Rating: 10 | To the Moon PC
To the Moon
I want to talk about this game starting from the game-play side.
A lot of people speak bad about this game because of its game-play and call it an interactive movie. Well, i loved the game-play that it had, it has puzzles, some cool mini-games, and their some zombie attack in the last hour of the game.
It does not have much gameplay but it is enough and its good.

Oh my gosh, this is a true Soundtrack, a deep soundtrack, a soundtrack that f.ex Squire Enix been missing since FF10. But this soundtrack is even better, this soundtrack is deep. For River, I can play it all day and it has so many meanings. Everything's Alright is so awesome, I could cry every-time i listen to it.
The soundtrack both complements the story and is a part of it, the story is strong on its on but with this soundtrack it blows it sky high and beyond.

I am not going to tell you about the story because that is something you deserve to meet yourself. However I can tell you that its filled with love, heart, communication and understanding each other.
It been said that if you do not cry in this game, you are heartless. This game earns to get your attention, your love, your tears and your heart.
This game is more than a game, its art, its not an interactive movie or a book, its ART. Its beauty served on a gamers plate.

The game is more than 10/10 its 11/10

Graphics are so lovely in this game and here is where you truly see that we don't need 20 mill budget to make a good game, yet they keep making them.

Last: My deepest wish is to ... i dont know..I'll guess i know when i am 80 at my death bed so i can tell Eva and Neil what it is :D