Quite simply beautiful.

User Rating: 9.5 | To the Moon PC
Every once in a while a game gets released that is different, a game where there are no guns, no gore, no cars, no dragons etc etc, a game that hits the heartstrings & stays with u long after the end credits... well this is one of those games.
The last time i felt this in a game was after finishing 'Shadow of the Colossus'... you just sit there with a tear in your eye & u know that u have just witnessed a true masterpiece of gaming.
Obviously this game has little resemblance to SOTC but it does have one thing in common... a soul.
'To The Moon' has retro visuals & very simplistic gameplay but don't let this put u off because underneath the kiddy exterior is a very mature experience that makes for one of the most charming & memorable gaming experiences i have had for a long time.
The story is one of the best i have encountered in any game, there are moments where u will laugh & moments where u will be left heart broken as the tragic events in the life of a dying man begin to unfold. It is a brilliant & clever storyline for a game & in a way it makes u feel sorry for the pathetic excuse for stories in most of the big budget games that get released these days.
The visuals tho retro are charming & work perfectly to create the overall atmosphere for the game which brings me to the soundtrack which is quite simply breathtaking. Lots of lonely piano solos & beautiful strings make for one of the most emotional gaming soundtracks ever made, It fits perfectly into every scene in the game & is a joy to listen to.
The gameplay is very simple but this is not a game that is supposed to be played for the fun or skill involved, it is all about the experience & the journey this beautiful game takes u on.

'To The Moon' is an inspiring game, it may only last about 4 hours but what it lacks in length & replay value it more than makes up for in charm, i highly recommend this game as it tells a story & that is unusual in the games of today.