It's a video game your girlfriend can get involved with

User Rating: 9 | To the Moon PC
You are buying the game for a musical experience. The story is emotional and twists that all good stories need. Some of the jokes may be a little too corny, but it helps lighten up the mood.

The puzzles and controls are simplistic, and it's obviously designed that way. This game tells you a story instead of you making your own. You might as well call this an interactive story.

There are a few dialogue choices, but don't stress out over them. Just make sure you take the time to play the game in as few sitting as possible as that would keep the mood going. The game lasted less than 4 hours for me. The retro-graphics, good story and the good music is a reminder to good games like final fantasy 4, although it plays nothing like it. It's time to let the girlfriend discover your sensitive side, so play this game with her.