You like movies? You like music? This is it!!

User Rating: 7 | To the Moon PC
The first thing that surprised me while playing this game was the music you'll hear from the main menu till the last moment of playing To the moon.
Besides the music that puts you in the right atmosphere, there lies a great innovative story!
The problem was that.. Where is the game in that?! There was no actual game.. All you have to do is some walking and searching for some obvious items in limited places, collect them, speak , talk , listen , walk… Then after taking the items put them in some sort of strange machine to prepare them and here comes the game …… You enter a mini game that ends in less than 30 seconds!! Then you repeat the above mentioned!
To the moon is beautiful, but lacks the elements of a game.
In short.. this game was a project for a great movie, but unfortunately, the movie was turned into a game! It's an interactive film!
Anyway, it's not a bad value for the money you are going to pay since it contain a great story and a perfect OST..
Yes I recommend it!