I suppose it's a nice little.. story.

User Rating: 7 | To the Moon PC
But it's just that - a story. Honestly I regret spending my whole evening on it. I mean I don't have that much free time for games so I usually only play very good games and masterpieces, but To The Moon is nowhere near that. People saying that it's one of the best games they played.. what shyte games have they been playing so far if they call this one of the greatest? I mean it hardly has any gameplay. Ok ok I know that it's an interactive story, but even there it's flawed - for example there's much fuss about changing the Johnny guy's memory in time before he dies, but who really cares if they don't make it? I mean there will be noone to judge them.

I often feel that these little games get praised too much and I understand where it's coming from - many people like to root for the underdog, either cos they relate to them or for other reasons.

By the way - I gave this story 7 out of 10 out of politeness LOL