An excellent, heart-breaking, heart-warming story... Great soundtrack... And a pinch of humor.

User Rating: 9 | To the Moon PC
The graphics are old, there is no voice-acting, there are no difficult puzzles, in fact, there isn't anything difficult with "To The Moon". The only things you have to do to complete the game, which only takes a couple of hours, are to wander around using the arrow keys, interact with some objects, and fix a few distorted pictures.

BUT, the game deserves the 9.0 points I've given it. Why? Because it has a wonderful story. The way the story unfolds, the emotions in the story, the feelings of the characters... Everything just makes you so emotional and attached to the game, and makes you wonder what will happen at the end. You just want to play till the end, the game wraps you into its heart-warming arms. It is hard to resist connecting with the characters emotion-wise.

The story took my breath away, tears filled my eyes a couple of times. I also laughed at the japes between the characters. So, I definitely suggest this game to anyone who is looking for a nice story in a game. At least give it a try, you will only spend a couple of hours.