To the Moon

User Rating: 9 | To the Moon PC

This game has a beautiful story with one of the best soundtracks in gaming. It's only about 4 hours long, so you can and should try and play this in one sitting to get the full effect. The plot will keep you interested, even if the gameplay is fairly minimal.

I completely disagree with people that say this "shouldn't be a game" because it's too linear or there isn't enough gameplay. This game is like playing an old Final Fantasy game, with the graphics of a SNES game, but without the combat element. You essentially play as two scientists who are trying to change a man's memory for his dying wish. You go through his memories in reverse order, from his last memory to his earliest, and what you discover is a very heart-warming and engaging story about this random man's life. You solve puzzles and find clues, and then for the first 1/2 of the game or so, you solve basic tile puzzles to move onto the next section. The game eventually dismisses this concept and moves on, ending with a very strange section where you are throwing plants at people and running through a dungeon.

The game isn't challenging, but the reason to play this game is for the rewarding overall experience, the bomb soundtrack, and the wonderful story. It's the kind of game you think about long after you've finished playing, and I absolutely recommend it.