Story isn't everything.

User Rating: 5 | To the Moon PC

It has become pretty clear that story driven games have been given a pass regardless of whether the gameplay reaches the same level of quality or not. For the most part To The Moon's story is fantastic and one of the best in recent years. It was heartbreaking, sobering and at times it showed it didn't need to take itself seriously by injecting a sense of humour into the mix. In terms of story, To The Moon really shines through.

Unfortunately, this cannot be said for rather bland and tiresome gameplay. Throughout the entire game you spend your time wondering around small sealed of areas looking for fragments to piece the story together. But instead of doing something creative with this, the game forces you to wonder around the different areas until you find the correct fragment. Once you discover it, you have to fire orbs at it to break a force-field that surrounds it and then interact with the object to be transported to another point in time. You spend pretty much your entire time doing this and quite frankly it was almost enough to put me off the game entirely.

See, the issue I have is that this is supposed to be a game. While I do welcome a great story, it almost seems redundant when the gameplay itself does not live up to the same standard. Games are supposed to be interactive, it isn't a movie. Gameplay is paramount.

I know I will probably get a lot of hate for this as To The Moon is pretty much hailed as a masterpiece, but I fail to see the hype when the game itself is pretty painful to play. This is one of the most repetitive games I have seen. Yes, the story is great, the characters are rather interesting, for the most part the music is brilliant too. But where is the game, guys??