An experience that's to the moon.

User Rating: 7 | To the Moon PC

To the Moon gets a lot of praise for its amazing story and its emotional depth. The majority of people that play this game cry at the end. And while I certainly don’t want to brag or try to one up my masculinity meter (trust me I don’t care if people know I cry) I just didn’t cry at the end. If anything I gave a tear of joy for what happens at the end and thought of it as more of a bitter sweet moment. Of course I can’t get into depth about the story itself, but at least to say its worth the hype that people give it. The story is written well enough that anyone can get emotionally involved and care for the characters and the story doesn’t take itself too seriously to be off putting. If anything To the Moon feels more like an experience than a game, and rightly so.

The way To the Moon presents itself is quite wonderful too, mainly due to how you go through the story backwards learning about the patient, Johnny, in a reverse order. You learn his love life, his family, friends, ambitious and goals little by little. While there is some puzzle solving and a few action scenes here or there, its fairly light on any kind of action and works more like an adventure game. To the Moon is also accompanied by a wonderful soundtrack that tends to help pace the stories scenes throughout. And while the game is somewhat limited in its graphics, it still provides to be heart warming and endearing enough that they seldom get in the way. Overall though, To the Moon provides to be more of an experience than it does a game, but its a nice one at that, and certainly a different, more interesting way to tell a story than simply writing it down. Its fairly short too, so there isn’t much of an excuse to not play To the Moon, its unique, and that alone deserves a look.

Final Thoughts:

To the Moon, while not exactly game, provides to be an unique experience, one that’s worth looking into. It’s not very long, the story is engaging, and the way it tells the story of Johnny and his quest to go to the moon make it an experience worth playing for anyone.